Monday, August 17, 2015

Using Apps to Keep Track of Calories

Getting in shape is hard work. There is a lot to remember and take care of. It is not always possible to lug around a journal to write down your eating and exercising. However, some great applications have come out that make life a little easier. If you are seeking to gain muscle or lose weight you will need to have better management of your intake.

I have an Android phone, recently moved from I-phone, and decided to try a few fitness applications. The best overall application I found was My Fitness Pal. It offers three great features I like. This includes calculating the amount of calories you can eat in a day to reach your weight loss goals, calculates the calories of your food and the amount of calories you burned.

Compared to a few other applications I scanned this one seemed to have the best overall rating and reviews. It is free and seems to help you think about the choices and options throughout the day. If you are really serious about the type of food you eat and the nutrients it contains the application will calculate that as well. The technology we have at our finger tips is getting better every year.

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