Friday, August 7, 2015

The Everyday All Day 99 Cent Taco!

I been searching around for tacos and deals and came across another great taco deal for 99 cents. The best part about it is that it isn't a happy hour or special. It is an everyday low price at any time you might want it! It is hard to complain about a golden brown battered piece of fish on a corn based taco.

The cheap price is not only part of San Diego's culture but is also a good lead for some of their other products. Customers may be attracted to the taco but soon upgrade to other items on their menu. A standard order might include a fish taco and a seafood burrito.

Located on popular Adams Avenue you can stop by on your way to other locations. It appears to be popular and locals seem to like frequenting the restaurant. It has a huge menu to choose from. For a few dollars you can make a meal out of your tacos and relax on the patio for a while. 99 Cents for a Taco is an unbeatable price!

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