Monday, August 31, 2015

The Benefits of Dining Like Our Ancestors-Fish!

You stand on a rock in a stream and look out over the horizon at the miles upon miles of clear tree tops. Looking back at the water you notice the swirls of sand that indicate a moving fish. With a quick pluck of the fingers and an outward scoop you fling a breeding bass onto the shore. Our ancestors knew the benefits of eating fish an perfected the art of fishing first by using their hands, and then tools and boats.

The good news is you don't need to stand out in the wild with your buckskin trousers and hatchet to get the same benefits. Not that there isn't something about doing that and I must admit growing up in the U.P. of Michigan I got pretty good at plucking fish out of shallow streams. More difficult than you think because you got to find the right spot, angle, shadow, and river bend to make it work.

Today most people buy their fish at the supper market and it still holds all the great benefits it did for our ancestors. The American Heart Association recommends that we eat at least two servings a week. It has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, help inflammation, balance weight loss, improves brain function and reduce risks of cancer.

Fish comes in man different forms and varieties. Particularly popular right now is sushi which has all the advantages of fresh fish. There is also baked, boiled an grilled. Most restaurants offer a large selection of fish. Consider swapping out some of the meat you have become accustomed with to fish to better protect your body from diseases.

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