Friday, August 7, 2015

The Advantages in Open-Minded Cultures

Cultures that are open systems and take in new information, adjust that information, and find better ways of solving problems are stronger than those who do not have this value. Open minded cultures have the capacity to adjust to problems better by incorporating new knowledge and mannerisms into their activities. Closed cultures are defined heavily by tradition and don't maximize their practical options.

Practicality has helped Americans rise in their economic stature by inventing and using new ways of overcoming obstacles. Practicality allows Americans to do what works, borrow information, and find new ways of doing things. They are practical in their approach and work toward objectives without constraints.

Tradition has its advantages and disadvantages in tackling problems. As a medium it helps one generation connect to the next creating a stream of understanding across centuries. Tradition also acts like a playbook with pre-defined rules for handling issues when they arise. When the playbook is wrong a country can run into problems.

For example, a culture that enjoys dominance may solve problems by going to war more often than cultures that are more passive. Economic and military dominance could become the metrics for success. In such a way, the past actions of a nation will influence and impact its future decisions. If the tool becomes outdated it can have large consequences.

Open-mindedness helps ensure that as a people we are open to new information and methods of solving problems. Instead of being confined by previous ways of thinking we can adjust and update as needed. The people will accept that new things need to be done in new ways that can be helpful for the creation of stronger performing countries.

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