Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Small Business and the Painting of the Poulterer's Shop

The painting The Poulterer's Shop by Garrit Dou (1670) depicts two women, one young and old, standing in a market. You can tell from the cages hanging that they carry livestock and fresh meat. Hundreds of years before the advent of the refrigerator. It is a wealthy market where hand carved works are part of the store.

The picture is one of a thriving small business seeking to sell and succeed. People who own poulterer shops purchase and hunt fresh food and game. A very important staple for survival back then and one could make a solid living.

Entrepreneurship is a foundation of any economy. Those nations that neglect or ignore the needs of small businesses will find that innovation and development will slow. Sometimes this slowing will occur over ten years while at other times its ugly head might be seen sooner. Small business hires people, grows local economies, and develops connections to neighborhoods.

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