Monday, August 17, 2015

Quality of Beach Improves San Diego Tourism Revenue

Beaches are a significant draw for the economy and for the local people. The quality of the beach can have an impact on the economic contribution of tourism. Even though we might not think of it this way a beach is like a service were visitors expect a certain quality and maintenance level.

People pay for anything that meets their desire. Beaches offer an alternative tropical life very different than what most people are accustomed with. Vacations and fun are a service just like any other. 

Without meeting customer expectations they will naturally consider other options and may not come back to visit the region. The revenue spent in restaurants, hotels, clothing and entertainment will go with them.

According to a study published in the journal Contemporary Economic Policy beach choices, and the amount of money people spend, is related to issues like beach width, water contact, pavement, sand quality, etc. (Pendleton, et. al., 2012). The same qualities of service preference also applies to bathroom cleanliness, grooming, safety, facilities, and surrounding shopping.

San Diego is a tourist destination and its beaches are part of its eco culture that contributes such industries such as fishing, biotechnology, military, etc. Beach quality has a direct impact on the economy of the area and is relatively easy to maintain when compared to other types of improvements. Keeping San Diego clean and working toward a more sustainable future should be everyone's goal.

Pendleton, L. et. al. (2012). Size matters: the economic value of beach erosion and nourishment in Southern California.

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