Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Playing Sports to Get in Shape

Sports are a great way to keep you interested in your fitness goals. The type of sport depends on your interest and what you want to accomplish. If you don't know what type of sport you should play then go ahead and explore. The different muscles and activities will likely push your body to change quickly.

Repetitive exercise is not only not good for you but it can get boring. We see how quickly people get redundant when they start a fitness routine and then quit within a few weeks or months do to lack of interest and life distractions. Mixing traditional exercises with sports can help alleviate this boredom.

Let us say you are on a hardcore workout routine. You go to the gym and mix in your cardio and weights. Your workouts are stagnant and don't seem to give you a well rounded fitness. This is when augmenting your gym work with sports can be helpful.

The type of sport is less important than playing. If you want to mimic sprinting join soccer, basketball or volley ball. If you are trying to gain coordination and upper body strength try boxing. If you want to lose weight and have fun then downhill sill or surf. The options are up to you.

Exercise doesn't need to be stressful or full of all the things we project onto it. This is in your head. Exercise can be social, fun, relaxing, or intense. The type of exercise you choose should complement  your personality. Try and do things you find fun and enjoy doing them more.

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