Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marketing to Customer's True Needs

Customers have perceived needs and real needs. Many customers are not aware of their real needs which leads them to purchase products that only provide temporary relief. Differentiating between real needs and perceived needs can help in grouping similar products for consumption. The difference between real and perceived is fundamental to human character. It is possible to offer similar products to extend reach.

We are designed to obtain, improve, and gather more stuff because it once ensured our survival. If one person had something of value then it is natural for others to want that something as well. The more it helps fulfill our perceived needs the higher the positive impressions the customer has. The more motivated we are.

Consider the latest Maserati with all of the bells and whistles that come with it. The need for a $80 K+ car is not in the luxury but in the perception that one is valuable. It makes a statement about the person driving it that stands out from all the other cars in the lot. The owner has money, style, and success written all over them. Recognition is more fundamental than purchasing power.

This need for social interaction and recognition is a fundamental one across all humans. How this is expressed depends on the individual and what they believe their needs are. The purchase of expensive products is a path the consumer has taken which leads them to purchase other status centered products that help feel that image. No wonder why Google Key Word Ads work.

Depending on one's financial and personal abilities they may find other paths to stand out in the crowd to make themselves unique. This may be through writing books, running social programs, being the life of the party or anything else that gives opportunities for individual praise. Once a company figures out a fundamental need and how it manifests itself in the world they can continue to feed new products and services that will appeal to hungry appetites.

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