Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Letting Customers Choose Their Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are the medium a business uses to contact and attract customers. The type of medium a company chooses will often determine the type of customer they attract. Letting your customer choose the marketing channel will help draw in more lucrative customers that are predisposed and primed through their own interest to buy your product or service.

The demographics of the customer gravitate toward different marketing channels. For example, older customers may like print media while younger customers prefer online media. The media is then broken down into specific interests such as cars, houses, garden, outdoors, etc. People will naturally select based upon their age and understanding where and how they want to receive information.

Marketing campaigns often use a mix based upon how their consumer demographics use media. Picking the wrong channels means there will be additional expenses and costs associated with marketing. The Return on Investment is likely to be low and the value of the customers will also be low leaving the company with a customer retention problem.

Think of marketing like fishing. You have to first find the right fishing hole (your customer base), use the right bait (select their channels), and jiggle your line to create interest (the actual message and images). Companies that know where the best fish are that are likely to provide the greatest amount of nourishment.

The first step of any strong marketing program is to know your customer and the media that will reach them. You may be able to advertise to related interests or piggy back off their hobbies and activities. If you understand how your customer thinks you will also understand what will motivate them to buy your product/service. 

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