Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In College Time Management and Grades Are Related

Time management is not an exercise in futility and can have significant impact on grades. Those who wait to try and finish their work often find themselves short on time and full of distractions. Lack of time management will impact grades as it will impact work habits in the future. Students who start early and maintain focus are more likely to be successful in college and life.

To most people, the last thing they enjoy doing is homework. Writing papers and reading books must compete with watching television and playing games. As each day passes the motivation to get the work done decreases and it seems more like a chore. Then one day its due!

Trying to ensure that there is an opportunity to pass the class and pick up as many points as possible the student rushes to get the work done. They cut corners and go for the basics. When the paper is finished and submitted thoughts are not really well developed, citations are sparse, and the conclusions are weak.

The same process is likely to be revised in the workplace when projects are due on certain dates. Managers are unlikely to accept chronic excuses and will soon move to terminate employment. That is part of the habit as well. One time the manager will understand, twice they will question, and the third time they depict the employee as hopelessly lazy.

Getting into the habit of managing time wisely by starting work early and completing a certain amount of work each day will go a long way to finishing products on time. If a paper needs research then it is wise to start outlining a paper and looking in the library right away. If consistent effort and schedule are maintained it is possible to leave a few days for additional review and improvement creating an excellent paper.

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