Thursday, August 20, 2015

Image and Impression in Sales and Business

In sales image and impression are everything. How people perceive the business person determines whether or not they trust them and if they should make a purchase. In business this impression is also important as people judge each other within the first few minutes of meeting. It is these first impression images you have to worry about as they will last a long time. Enhancing your impression is important for sowing the deal.

It may or may not be fair to be judged quickly by a first impression. Unfortunately, this is they way in which most people's brains work. They simply take a quick look and assessment, compare that to their experiences, and make a judgement. Changing that judgement is very difficult so improving your first impression is important for business success.

Considering that we are a little mentally lazy we go with impressions because they are quick heuristics. A person wearing a Rolex and driving a Mercedes will certainly look more financially secure than someone driving a Timex and a Ford Escort. As we have learned from books like the Millionaire Next Door it is the later who may be on the better financial track and have a bigger bank account.

Regardless, first impressions can make or break the deal. This is especially true if the two business partners don't know each other well or have limited time and resources to dig further into the character of the person. Those who know how to dress and present themselves will naturally do much better than those who don't.

Dress up for work. Wear a suit, tie, black/brown shoes, and appropriate shirt with color. If you work in a casual environment then clash casual and professional to upgrade without going too far. Shine your shoes and make sure you have the right watch. Get a hair cut and think about upgrading your car. The one knows the difference. 

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