Monday, August 31, 2015

Ideation Through Teamwork

Ideas don't come from no where but instead live in a context of other thoughts and knowledge. Creative cultures and people bounce new thoughts and discoveries off of each other creating the right environment for innovative breakthroughs. One idea is adapted through the man mental frameworks of a team to create something that can have tangible value on the market. Having the right people on the team can make a huge difference in its innovative capacities.

Innovative teams have value on the market. They are able to adapt and react to complex, turbulent and ever changing environments faster than others (Andres, et. al. 2015). Their ability to understand problems and create novel solutions makes them more adaptable than other teams that are focus on more rigidly defined methods.

Innovation Team Characteristics:

-Education/Experience: It is difficult for teams to understand problems unless they have education, experience or both with the subject in question.

-Diversity of Backgrounds: Understanding the subject can come from multiple industries and backgrounds that help in creating unique solutions.

-Egalitarian Approaches: Team members will need to feel like valued members and able to express their opinions.

-Creative Mindset: Participants should have artistic, scientific, creative, and expressive backgrounds to think about issues in new ways.

-Scientific Approach: Are able to investigate and explore an issue scientifically to come to important conclusions.

-Business Experience: Has enough business experience to know which ideas and products can result in profit. 

Andres, M. et. al. (2015). Could innovation teams provide the necessary flexibility to compete in the current context? Cuadernos de Gestion, 15 (1).

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