Saturday, August 1, 2015

How I Got "Bested" by a Pack of Surfing Dogs

Just when I was learning to surf myself I was bested by a dog. That is right....a dog on a surfboard. Imperial Beach was crawling with people watching Petco's Surf Dog Competition. Certainly not something I have not seen in other places but definitely fun to watch.

 There was a large crowd with vendors. Plenty of room to walk up and down the pier and then head to the beach for a while. A few stores dot the beachfront for those interested in shopping. I didn't have much time to check them out with the surfing and dog watching.

I was impressed by the strip along the beach. It looks like it has been built up over the years and is very clean. For a Saturday with nice whether and an event we were still able to find parking within 15 minutes which is great. We only needed to walk a half block to the beach.

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