Sunday, August 30, 2015

Formal and Informal Communication Networks

Communication can take two basic forms in terms of formal or informal. Formal communication occurs within the workplace and informal occurs among our personal connections. Both are important for understanding, integrating and using information successfully. To truly understand a situation often requires listening to both channels of the said and the unsaid.

Formal Communication: Formal communication is official communication that helps the company make official statements. It may also include formally designed communication channels that help an organization, unit or team understand what is going on. Well designed communication channels will consider the speed of information and the reliability of the channels used to reach members.

-Official statements
-Company meetings

Informal Communication: Informal communication occurs organically in the population and encompasses everything that isn't formal. These are the conversations that occur over the water cooler and backrooms. It is the type of communication that is based more on trust and friendship than a formal channel.

-Personal emails
-Personal text
-After the meeting conversation
-Casual discussion
-Parties and social events

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