Monday, August 3, 2015

Experiencing the Power of History through Pow Wows

Each people comes with their own culture and way of seeing and understanding the world. The South Bayfront Pow Wow in Chula Vista is a reminder of how things were once done and continue to be done among native populations. From spiritual and cultural dances and the handmade products, the participants celebrated their lives.

Native Americans are an important part of the American identity. As the original people in the area they were able to help shape and define how America sees itself in the world. That relationship may not have always been positive but it does characterize how we grew and expanded as a country.

The native dances and art show strength and vibrancy in life. They are standing tall with their traditions and able to connect their large family in Pow Wows. Outsiders can come and understand their traditions and how these have become a way of living and navigating the modern world.

To me there are two beautiful aspects of the Native American heritage that includes family and nature. We live in a transient world where family connections are being lost due to mass transportation and cement jungles have replaced our forests. Attending a Pow Wow gives a small glimpse into our past but also a hint at our future.

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