Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Early Mornings Are the Best Time for Strategic Creativity

Some people don't like early mornings while others live for them. Early mornings are the best time to think about strategy and get your creative juices going. Whether you are a business planner or an artist the ability to keep your mind clear and focused is an asset to anyone who wants to be innovative. Good ideas rarely come when you are distracted. Mornings are a great time to ponder the possibilities.

In the mornings our minds are free from the natural distractions that are rampant throughout the day. When we wake up we are clear and then begin to load our brains with all the things we should get done. Getting up, grabbing a cup of java, and then spending some time thinking and writing is beneficial.

Great ideas don't often bubble out of no where. During our normal sleep cycles we process information and ideas to appropriately categorize and integrate them with previous knowledge. Without this process we would have too many ideas going on at once. The night time allows for ideas to simmer in latency and then come forth anew in the morning.

Finding your time to shut out the world of distractions and focus on your main ideas is helpful. For some this might be early in the morning while for others it could be in the evening. Experiment with various times to find that time which allows new ideas to flow. Keep a diary to help you better analyze at what times you be your most creative.

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