Monday, August 31, 2015

Conferences and Tourism Success in San Diego

Most major tourist destinations have conference centers that act as an avenue for drawing in new visitors and interested investments. The type of conferences will determine the success of a diligent conference schedule. Beyond putting a city on the map it also helps brand an area to the rest of the world who come to know the genre of a place. Even though almost all conferences are beneficial the ones that support local industries have multiple advantages.

Consider why conference locations are chosen. One isn't going to offer a conference on palm tree conservation in Northern Alaska unless they discovered a way to grow it in wet and cold soil. Therefore, conferences should be related to the local competencies and businesses to create the greatest impact. People  want to come to what San Diego has to offer.

To do this well means that leaders must understand the local economy and try and highlight those conferences that will spur local economic growth. For example biotech, technology, higher education, conservation, green technology, water, and the military are a few that would work locally. Others that relate to core competencies are also possible.

Conferences offer an opportunity for people to shake hands and to pass out cards. It is where industry leaders make contacts and learn about emerging technologies. Small and large businesses show what they have to offer and share ideas for future development. Making sure that San Diego attracts those conferences that have the most benefits can be helpful in the long-run.

Getting those people to stay in San Diego for a while offers multiple layers of benefits. They stay and spend money locally but also meet local industry leaders. Once they leave with some new ideas they have an incentive to come back to San Diego to capitalize on some of the contacts they have made. Sometimes this might be a new product, partnership, investment, or shared services agreement.

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