Saturday, August 1, 2015

Can You Tap Your Internal Motivations?

Whether you are a writer or working on a project it is important to understand your essential motivations in life. As you engage in daily business and have to make decisions about actions, projects and paths you will want to keep these internal motivations in mind. Use them as a guide to your overall work happiness.

Each person has things that motivate them but most don’t know what they are. We can spend an entire lifetime making decisions but not understand the basic latent motivations under those actions. Spending some time thinking about your interests and actions can provide key insights into what makes you “tick”.

This takes time to develop as it requires a level of insight and knowledge of yourself. One of the reasons why people become self-actualized in older age is because they have the experience and knowledge about themselves that comes from years of self-reflection.

This process can speed up if you are willing to think about the goals you have set and the decisions you have made over the past 5 or 10 years. Think about what you enjoyed doing, the type of work you felt happy with, and where you were successful. Use them as a guide for future decision-making.

Try and define the two or three essential statements that sum you up. Explain yourself in a single paragraph and use that explanation for making difficult choices easier. Seek to be genuine with your interests and work so that you can succeed in your life and career. Tap into your internal motivations and reap the rewards of higher performance.  

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