Thursday, July 23, 2015

Taking Time to Be Human-Connecting with Nature

We get busy in our lives working, taking care of family, playing sports, paying bills, cooking, running errands and just about everything else that is going on. We become engrained in the flow of bouncing from project to project throughout the day. So much so that by the time evening has arrived we can look back and see how short the day really was. Taking a few moments out to sit back and connect with nature and yourself celebrates what is best about human nature puts it all in perspective. 

We are often unable to develop a brighter and more profound understanding of the world because our lives are immersed like fish in a fish bowl. We don’t regularly step outside of our lives and ensure that it has meaning and value to both us and others. Stepping outside of our daily activities requires some time alone thinking about how we fit within our world and the legacy we would like to leave behind. 

Our animal side was born very connected to nature and the real life issues of fulfilling our basic needs. Ever since the beginning of mankind people lived and struggled with nature but are still an inherent part of that nature. Parks and common areas have become a small refuge in cement jungles so we box up our environment in pots and pictures that we conveniently display in our offices and homes.

  We often make decisions in life and work based upon short-term goals and objectives. Connecting with nature and our core values helps us put these decisions into a long-term perspective that fosters better day-to-day decision making. When in tune with life it is possible to understand how we hold responsibilities to ourselves, others, and the greater good of society

Sitting in nature also allows us to gain a better perspective beyond our daily commotions and think about what is really important to us. We may have built houses, cities, and cars but we are still only a few steps above our natural surroundings. Within a couple of minutes of being in the outdoors we connect better with ourselves, reduce stress, and put our lives in a greater context. If you are seeking to take some “time out” just go into nature and relax for a little while before getting back to work.

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