Thursday, July 30, 2015

Steps to Writing a Solid Paper

Writing papers takes time and can be a daunting task for students. Most students don’t write papers over five to six pages and can be overwhelmed when asked to write ten to twenty pages on a topic. By breaking large projects into smaller steps it is possible to work with focus to get the entire project completed online.

Large papers are a good precursor to larger projects graduates may be required to complete in the workplace. The best advice is to start early and don’t let procrastination take control of the outcome. As soon as you become aware of the project start to work on understanding and exploring your topic.

Once you have a solid working understanding of what is required of the paper and the topic, students can define their main idea into the thesis statement. The thesis statement will act as a guild that allows for the breaking down of the main idea into a number of different justifications that make up the sections of the paper.

Research each of the sections to define and describe the main idea and how it supports the thesis statement. All of these sections should tie together into the conclusion. Write your introduction last as it should "introduce" all of the main topics.      

1. Explore Your Topic

2. Define What You Want to Write in a Thesis Statement

3. Create Your Paper’s Sections In Alignment with Your Thesis Statement

4. Research each section

5. Write your Introduction and Conclusion

6. Proofread

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