Sunday, February 15, 2015

Running the Slopes at Bear Mountain Ski Resort

Bear Mount Ski Resort located in the rustic village of Big Bear Lake in  California has four mount peaks ranging from 8,000 to 8,500 feet above sea level. Bear Mountain is partnered with Snow Summit just a few steps down the road. One offers a trendy scene and the other night skiing. Together they provide 438 developed acres, 26 lifts and more than 55 runs.

Most, 70% of the runs, are intermediate to advanced so you will have a good time if you obtained previous skill. There are enough beginner runs and classes for those who are just starting. In my case, I grew up skiing so after a few hours on the intermediate runs I started to take more of the advanced ones. I avoided the half pike and all the obstacles. All I need is a broken leg!

The lodge at the base of the run provides plenty of food and ski services. You can purchase equipment, fix equipment, rent equipment, eat and drink till your hearts content. Their Beach Bar on the sun deck is very popular and draws a crowd of people. Just about any type of food can be found among the seven food outlets.

Runs were well groomed for a warm  60+ degree mountain top weekend. For most of the day I didn't bother to use a jacket and did fine with only snow pants, goggles, hat and gloves. There were even brave souls who went sleeveless all the way down the mountain. Most of the runs were open for a long weekend that is running toward the end of the traditional skiing season.

The trip up the mountain was a blast. Plenty of places to stop and get a good look at the valley. Most areas are two lanes with a number of passing lanes. It isn't possible to go that fast considering the amount of curves, bends, and winding. You have to pay attention. Growing up in the winters of Michigan I definitely wouldn't want to be driving that road with heavy snow or ice present.

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