Sunday, December 21, 2014

College Structures that are Changing to Student Needs

It wasn’t long ago that the only option for higher education was to attend classes full-time and put your life on hold. The traditional educational model was implanted from European religious models and existed in the country and unchanged for hundreds of years.  The advent of new virtual information and the interconnectedness of media tools have changed the fundamental way in which colleges operate. 

Retrofitting Traditional Structures:

Traditional structures are based on traditional mediums of learning that rely heavily on face-to-face communication. As technology made its way into the modern educational world such colleges first implemented this technology in individual classes and then into the infrastructure of their universities. Older platforms are in the process of retrofitted to handle more data and virtual learning platforms. 

Newer models do not have large physical infrastructures but are marked by their sleek and cost saving designs. Lacking a physical product like traditional campuses, the new designs provide data driven highways and greater virtual access than traditional universities can provide. Learning is not limited to campus residing students but may reach out over the globe while keeping costs low. 

Changing Demographics of Students:

Today’s world is more complex than it was in the past. A few decades ago a person would either get a job or they would attend college. College was a step into a better life where the ends were limited by the dreams of the graduate. Even though the same fundamental choices exist today, not having a college degree can be seriously limiting for one's lifestyle. College has become the new high school diploma.

Students are likely to be older and return to school at various stages of their life. They may get a bachelor degree, work for 10 years, and then go back for a Master's degree. Virtual education is matched to the needs of changing demographics and learning-living lifestyles. It is not yet a fully explored medium and will someday continue to improve speed making information limited to the capacities of the human mind.

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