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Exchange Your New Year's Resolutions for Goals

New Years is the that special day where people boastfully pronounce their resolutions to any passerby who will listen. Like most New Year's resolutions they are short lived and die off in a few short weeks after pronouncement. This year, instead of making resolutions, look to bring in the new year with some well thought out goals. This will help you give your life a kick in the pants as you march down a brighter path. Goals are different than resolutions. Resolutions usually seek to solve a problem and are not always well thought out. This is one reason why resolutions don't often have staying power. Goals are a commitment to achieve some objective and require greater thought and action to successfully achieve. A popular New Year's resolution is to work out and get into shape. With no real plan in place you walk into your closest gym and sign up for that expensive gym membership that will continue to charge you even though you don't go anymore. You also buy yourself

Looking Professional by Saving Your Quality Work Shoes

A high quality suit speaks volumes about professionalism but what about shoes? Dress clothing gives the right first impression that can impact your image for a long time. The right tie, shirt, and suit is one level of dressing well but additional attention to detail makes all the difference. Anyone can put on a suit but few consider the details of their accessories to create a total impression. Shoes get worn out, the heels wear down, and they need a little care to keep them fresh. Those with a discerning eye will see beyond the suit and evaluate the watch, shoes, and accessories to determine the sense of style and focus on detail of the person. People who dress up every once in a while don't often consider the smaller pieces that say a lot about an individual. Worn out shoes are one sign a person doesn't take their career or image seriously. Showing up to an important business meeting with scuffed or worn out shoes is in poor taste. You may not believe this but people will

How to Encourage Student Engagement in Online Classrooms

Online classrooms are an increasingly popular modality in higher education. Because online informational channels are completed in a virtual world it can be difficult to connect with students in a way that is meaningful. Despite its difficulty this connection is a vitally important aspect of encouraging student success in terms of retention, satisfaction, and learning. Engaging students is about trying to connect with them on a personal level and this can be difficult if you are not standing face-to-face with them and have enough interaction to learn about their interests. Even though it may require new skills the online modality does provide a sufficient platform to engage students on a personal level. Read Student Profiles: Students love to talk about themselves, what is going on in their lives, their pets, and their experiences. Reading through their profile will provide an elevator snap shot of the student and how they want to be seen by others in class. Refer back to

Treaties that Foster Economic Growth and American Values

Treaties determine what type of international commercial activity is likely within a country. The design of these treaties can determine the access to raw materials, investment opportunities, and export opportunities. Countries like the U.S. can develop stronger treaties that are more advantageous to an export market while ensuring that American values are important to partnering countries. Developing countries are regularly looking to attract investment. Investment money is used to fuel their economies, fill government coffers, and create a connection to a larger world. Because of America’s strong economic position it has the capacity to create more advantageous treaties (Chikere Azubuike, 2013). The value of these investments puts the U.S. in a better bargaining position than the other country(s). This position of power is not necessarily a bad thing. When done well it can help the U.S. fuel its economic hubs for greater development. Such hubs rely on natural resources a

Call for Papers: Globalization of Capital Markets: Implications for Firm Strategies

The increasing integration of global capital markets now makes it easier for firms to access capital outside of their home countries. Firms access international capital markets through a variety of means such as initial public offerings (IPO), seasoned equity offerings (SEO), cross-listings, depository receipts, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACS), shelf offerings, private equity and other informal equity capital channels. Firms can also access debt resources outside their market through bank loans, and foreign bond issues. Finally, cross border flows of venture capital (VC) continue to increase rapidly. The objective of this Special Issue will be to explore the challenges firms face in capital markets beyond their domestic boundaries, be it equity, debt, or VC markets. SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS The deadline for manuscript submission is May 15, 2015. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with Journal of International Management’s Style Guide for Authors: h

Why Advocate for the Simplification of the American Tax System?

Tax reform is a leading issue that will be hotly discussed in the next few years. America’s resurgence affords opportunities to make important adjustments to government functioning and spending that can improve opportunities for long-term growth. Now is not the time to fall into a trap of complacency only because the economic position of the U.S. is improving. Reforming the tax system helps both businesses and citizens understand their tax situations and create more trust with government.  Depending on what perspective a person comes from will determine whether or not they are an advocate of tax reform. Many times these differences are created based upon demographics. For example, a person making $40K a year will have a different perception than someone making $500K a year.   Simplification offers an opportunity to put them both on the same playing field.  Corporations and individuals will also have different perspectives. Corporations will desire to lower their liabilitie

Ground/ Online Adjunct Business Faculty

Application Instructions  Any open adjunct faculty positions for our Online Learning programs will be posted at . Search by Location, Institution, then Florida Institute of Technology. When a position is posted and applications are reviewed, qualified candidates will be contacted to set up a telephone interview. Should you be chosen for a position, you will be required to submit official transcripts, an I-9 form (employment eligibility), and a W-4 form.  Teaching Responsibilities  The course content will be fully developed beforehand. However, the adjunct faculty will facilitate all aspects of instruction, including mentoring and monitoring student progress, fostering communication and collaboration, guiding and evaluating student project work and other assignments, and responding to individual student requests/queries and similar functions. Since courses will be taught online, adjunct faculty can be based at any location with a reliable high-speed