Saturday, November 1, 2014

Using Online Recruitment in Multinational Companies

Recruitment is an important function of any business that needs qualified candidates to stay competitive. Online recruitment has become commonplace in the market and provides some advantages for organizations that work in a global environment that recruit from geographically dispersed locations. As tools for online recruitment develop and become more sophisticated, employers will reap rewards in terms of saving costs and attracting diversified candidates.

Technology has advantages for international companies that recruit from multiple locations (“Technology Impacts”, 2012). With modern technology virtual interviews afford the ability of employers to raise awareness of positions, pre-screen candidates, conduct assessments, and meet with candidates in video conference settings. 

Employers know that the costs of conducting an interview can be expensive in terms resources and time expended. When recruiting for geographically dispersed companies it can provide airplane trips, hotels, and other arrangements. Any time an organization can reduce these costs they are likely to move in that direction and implement new technology. 

Online recruitment also attracts candidates who may not have applied otherwise. American citizens felt more comfortable with online recruitment, resulted in higher amounts of job searches, and encouraged minority recruitment (Borstorff, et. al. 2007). The process of applying becomes more convenient but also more competitive. 

Online recruitment is still in the process of development but does work well in multinational firms that need to attract candidates and interview them from multiple locations. As these technologies become more common place the advantages of recruiting online can save significant resources. Implementing modern recruitment technologies can enhance candidate selection and placement.

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