Tuesday, November 25, 2014

3Q Economy Picks Up Speed-Offering New Economic Investment Opportunities

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the third quarter (3Q) of 2014 grew to an abundant  3.9%. It is always nice to see the economy grow, unemployment decline, housing recover, and consumer spending rise. What is the icing on the cake is the increased business investment that can tell us a lot about how big money is viewing the economy and its prospects. The reemergence of the American economy offers some new opportunities that were not possible in the past.

The global economy may be slowing, China and Europe are propping up their systems, but the U.S. has for a short time been clear from such programs. The slowing world economy should have investors worried but it hasn't. The sour international market may just provide investors a silver lining in the U.S.

The U.S. is not isolated from the global economy and certainly will have some challenges. However, as manufacturing parity improves and infrastructure strengthens the U.S. is in a better position to help investors take their capital and turn it into higher value products with international appeal. The right policies can encourage people to invest.

New investments impact two different aspects of society at once. Investment in declining manufacturing centers that have retained their infrastructure not only offers the best medium for economic development but can also  radically change the financial positions of residents, often minorities, that live in such areas and will benefit from new high paying jobs and ecological improvements.

We can't forget the growing income disparity in the nation and allowing investors to improve upon the lives of city residents while still earning significant profit cannot be underestimated as an important factor. Of course this requires pro-business investment environments that places businesses and residents in win-win situations. Policy makers need to look long-term and make the adjustments now to raise economic growth and better manage their budgets down the road.

As the investment environment falters in previous hot spots the U.S. is starting to look like a good place to invest again. It offers political stability, a growing market, strong infrastructure, and an educated workforce. Cities, that once stood as manufacturing centers, are ready for reinvestment in hub development at bargain prices. Investment brings jobs and jobs bring higher wages and better environments thereby raising the standards of those who live in these economically suppressed areas.

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