Thursday, July 24, 2014

Little Italy’s Farmer Market Sets a High Standard

Farmer markets are a growing trend in the U.S. Little Italy’s Saturday 8am-2pm market is one of the largest in San Diego offering a wide range of products. Strolling numerous blocks of goods you will pass fruit, vegetables, bread, clothing, ethnic food, fresh fish, condiments, sculptures, live entertainment and much more. Just about anything you ever wanted out of a farmer’s market is present. 

Little Italy Farmer’s Market San Diego
8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Between W. Date and India Streets

The Italian culture seems to fit with outside displays of fresh fruit and small business artisans. Italian cuisine is loaded with red tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and other natural ingredients that are a regular draw for locals. For those who love to cook from scratch and make mouthwatering masterpieces out of their kitchens Little Italy’s Farmer Market provides them with just about everything they need.
Farmer markets also appeal to a broad spectrum of society and draws visitors to the business cluster increasing its influence. The average customer at a farmer’s market enjoys cooking, is female, lives with another adult and is not cost conscious (Zepeda, 2009). 

The market provides an opportunity for these customers to touch, taste, experience, and eventually purchase products making it a direct marketing strategy. One vendor of natural beauty cosmetics says she regularly receives customer feedback from around the country mentioning their first exposure to her products at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. 

You may be more interested in household decoration and the productions of local artists. John opened his first business website at and hopes it will be up within a week or so. His sculptures look as though they fit well on a mantle, above a door, or in your office. All of his artistic productions have historical significance. 

Little Italy’s Farmers market occurs every Saturday making it a consistent place to go shopping and obtain supplies. Enjoy your experience and ask the vendors any question you desire. Most are more than willing to talk about their creations. Even if you don’t have anything to purchase immediately in mind you may just want to have a coffee, walk around, and listen to the music. 

Zepeda, L. (2009). Which little piggy goes to the market? Characteristics of US farmers’_market shoppers. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 33 (3).

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