Monday, June 16, 2014

Wine Review: The Legend of the Vine has Arrived

What is in a legend? Apparently legends can be made from 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot and 8% Petite Sirah. Legend of the Vine Cabernet Sauvignon is a ripe red wine, plum tasting, chocolate hinting, smooth wine that provides twice its value for a fraction of the price. Aged in 92% French Oak and 8% American Oak it provides just touch of oak spices to its mix (1).  The combination of different red wines enhances the taste and body of the offering. 

Legend of the Vine’s brand is considered unique. It appeals to Millennials who were raised on medieval shows like Game of Thrones and video entertainment something akin to Legend of Zelda. The bottle is wide and broad while the label appears like something from the ancient world. The taste seems to match its mystical inheritance. 

It is difficult for new products to make a presence on the market and compete against much stronger funded brands. According to Cardoso, et. al. (2013) having a brand personality can make all of the difference in finding a level of exposure. Brand personality can help customers manage and formulate a concept of the offering which leads to greater memory recall and purchase frequency. 

Legend of the Vine is also dark and ripe in the genre of winter wine that some may associate with an ancient era. Grapes picked early in the formation of Cabernet Sauvignon wines are sour and have fresh vegetative flavor while grapes picked at later stages are hot, bitter, fruity, and contained sweetness (Heymann, 2013).  The Legend of the Vine’s ripe and fruity flavors is from a ripe grape that matches its hardy brand impression. 

Cabernet Sauvignon is the prince of all wines. As a thick winter wine it contains an abundance of tannins that make it difficult to pair with light seafood, and vegetables (2).  It is recommended that such wines be paired with bbq fatty meat foods or strong tasting fish like tuna and shark to balance out the tannins. Most cheeses are not recommended with this type of wine. 

The Legend of the Vine

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