Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kenpo-Introducing Thrusting Wedge and Wedge

Self-Defense is considered an art form of movement due to the quick paced action of movement. It is similar to dance, gymnastics and other sports. In self-defense, movements are practiced over and over until they are internalized and memorized for faster paced reaction when needed. It is often beneficial to practice in a class with others to get a feel for the speed and pressures to use while practicing by oneself.

At times an opponent may be attacked through a choke or a high grab to the chest. The Thrusting Wedge and the Wedge offer two different moves for self-defense. The Thrusting Wedge works well when the grab is in motion and isn’t settled yet. The Wedge works well when someone is attempting to choke you or has already set their grab.

The movements entail two different hand positions. In the Thrusting Wedge there is a heart shape between thumb and fore finger with palms outward while in the Wedge there is the palm locking over the other palm. The thrusting wedge hand positions affords outward momentum while the wedge hand position reinforces the hand structure for a spear.

Thrusting Wedge (High Two-Handed Grab):
-Opponent attempts high two-handed grab.
-Make wedge with hands and strike to eyes.
-With left hand grab opponent’s right wrist and pull arm down.
-Strike opponent’s sternum and slide elbow up to chin.
-Use right hand to claw opponent’s face.

Wedge (Opponent has two handed choke hold from the front):
-Place your left hand with the palm down into your right hand as you step forward with your right foot. (Both hands are near your stomach).
-Strike both hands in the direction of the opponent’s forehead while using the forearms to break the opponents choke hold.
-Retract wedge to the stomach and then strike forward to opponent’s solar plexus.

Kenpo is for pure self-defense with no attacking moves.

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