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Improving Shareholder Value Through Customer Equity

Customer equity functions in a positive perspective of the company, its offerings and its employees.   Customer equity has significant worth to companies that desire to encourage customers to continue to pay for products and services that raise shareholder value, firm growth and employment prospects. A study by Shultze, et. al. (2012) found that increases in customer equity have a larger impact on shareholder value. It is this shareholder value that is used for reinvestment for future growth and opportunities.  Customer equity, marketing practices, and revenue are closely associated. When customers consider their total impressions of a company and its offerings they will naturally consider purchasing or not purchasing the product or service again. Customer equity raises the likelihood that they will make a decision to purchase again…and hopefully again and again. This correlation of marketing metrics, customer receptivity and stock value has been associated in a number of diff

Call for Papers: 2014 Summer Global Symposium on Women Leadership

Date: July 25-26, 2014 Los Angeles, United States of America Web address: Submission of an abstract, topic of interest or proposal will be accepted for the purpose of registration. Time schedule to be determined later after all the papers have been received. 30 minute presentation per paper. Topics: Abstracts of research papers in 150-200 words are invited from female professionals, females of any age interested in career growth, men who are supportive of women in leadership, executives, supervisors, managers, administrators, educators and Ph.D. scholars/Post Graduate students on contemporary issues in Women's Leadership befitting any of the conference tracks mentioned below. Topics of interest for submissions include, but are not limited to: -Gender and history -Women in the university: benefits and barriers -Market limitations -Glass ceilings -Trials and triumphs -Economics of G

Changes and Opportunities in the Post-Recession Economy

The economy is adding jobs and that is great news. Unfortunately, the types of jobs have moved more into service sector and administrative positions that do not carry the same high wages as pre-recession employment. According to a report by the National Employment Project (NELP) low-wage industries have grown significantly since the end of the recession but this is leaving many Americans without significant savings. A mixed economic blessing that teeters between recovery and replacement. Lower-wage industries have accounted for 22% of the recession loss but 44% of the employment growth over the past 4 years. It now employs 1.85 million more workers than it did in the past. Mid-range employment jobs lost were around 37% while recent increases are around 26% for a total of 958,000 lost. High wage losses include 41% and a 30% increase leaving us with a 976,000 fewer jobs. The recession was longer than anticipated and even though the jobs have returned they have returned at a lowe

Getting Your Vegetables with Easy Black Eyed Pea Soup

Black eyed pea vegetable soup is low in fat and chuck full of vitamins. This is an easy recipe to make requiring only a smidgen of your time. The benefit of the food is that it is 100% made from healthy ingredients that will further your fitness goals. Ensuring that you eat healthy in addition to working out is more than half the battle.  According to a recent study printed in the British Medical Journal of 65,000 participants that a 7-10 servings of vegetables a day can reduce your risk of stroke by 25%, heart disease by 31%, and risk of death by 42% ( 1 ). This recipe can easily clear 7 servings without feeling over full. A serving is ¾ cups while a bowl could be as much as 2.5 cups of soup.   Soups such as these come with additional benefits such as 150 calories a bowl with .1g of fat making it extremely beneficial overall. Most of us have busy lives but soups help cut down on preparation. Most soups are generally easy to make and once you have the majority of base in