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Engaging Military Students for Greater Learning

Active military learners enjoy online education due to the ability to complete their functions in the military and move forward with their career goals that would not be possible in ground-based school settings. David Starr-Glass completes a phenomenological study of military learners and how instructors can help them engage with their classmates more and raise their learning levels (2013). The findings have implications for both online and off-line schools.  Active military members in college are 1% while veterans are 3% of all students in higher education (Radford & Weko, 2011). Military students have similarities with the general population but also remarkable differences. These differences require additional effort by instructors to ensure that the learning environment is conducive to student development.  Military students live in a hierarchical world of chains of command. They deal with hot situations and cold situations while bouncing between them. Hot situation

Torrey Pines Golf Course Offers Practice Amenities and a Spectacular View of The Ocean

Golfing is one of those sports that takes a long time to master. Recently, I have been visiting the driving range and putting green to beef up on skills I long left die off. Like any sport and activity, practice requires commitment. Torrey Pines Golf Course offers a driving range, 18 holes, shop, golf lessons, food carts, putting green, and restaurant. Plenty of parking is available. The Torrey Pines course is open to the public and serves the local community in their recreational golf needs. A total of 18 impeccable holes are offered with a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean. Built in the 1957 it offers one of the best courses in the area and attracts both professional and non-professional players.  If you are in need of brushing up on your swing and short game you may want to visit the driving range. For $8.00 you can grab a medium bucket of balls and make your way over to the tee off location. If you are as poor of a golfer as me you may need to visit the site on

Call for Papers: EDULEARN14 (6th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies)

July 7th-9th, 2014 , Barcelona, Spain Deadline  April 3rd, 2014   Abstract submission: submission OVERVIEW You are invited to participate in EDULEARN14 (the 6th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies) that will be held in Barcelona (Spain), on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July, 2014 . This conference will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to an international audience. Also, it will offer participants an overview of the current situation of education and new learning technologies. You will be able to listen to experts from different countries, representing all continents. If you wish to learn more about how technology is influencing the learning/teaching experience and how education is changing in the world, then do not miss the opportunity to come to EDULEARN14. A TRULY INTERNATIONAL EVENT After 6 years, EDULEARN has become an annual meeting point for le

Managers Model Motivation for Employees

Art Work: Dr. Murad Abel Motivation is an important tool for achieving goals. Motivation is not an all or nothing thing and different people show motivation in varying ways. Some employees will be motivated in a few tasks and others may not show any motivation whatsoever. A paper by Coget (2011) reviews managerial motivation in the fostering of employee motivation to adopt new technology and skills that service their customers better.  It should be understood that adopting new technology and learning new skills can be difficult for employees. To master a new system or serve customers better requires employees who want to learn these new skills and are willing to move through initial frustration to gain mastery. When managers help employees by modeling motivated behavior they can raise motivation levels in their employees.  In the case of technology adaptation, those managers who modeled the adaptation and use of technology found that their employees were motivated to d