Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wine Review: 2011 CMS Red by Hedge

2011 CMS Red by Hedge is a dark red and hardy wine with crisp acidity. It is bright and tangy. Something you might imagine complements a solid steak and potatoes meal. It is a natural wine akin to northern tastes and certainly a winter variety. Ripe grapes with a little bit is a good way to characterize the offering. It tastes of dark berry, black cherry, and black plum aromas mixed with other spices.

I have tried a number of wines in my lifetime and found each one to have a slightly different mix and taste. Sometimes the tastes are so close they are difficult to discern one from the other. CMS has its own unique taste and makes me thing of steak, burgers, and rack of BBQ lamb. A mixture of 48% Merlot, 40% Cab and 12% Syra it stands out separate.

The label is also interesting. It has a touch of old European style and theme. You can’t really place where that theme comes from as it appears to be neutral of any particular country. Their website has an aristocratic and ancient Transylvanian sort of impression. Rustic pictures of snow covered fields and Spanish style old world charm mix it all up into its own blend of culture. It is a gothic style that helps the brand differentiate itself from others on the market.

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