Monday, February 10, 2014

Book Review: The Way of Science

The Way of Science-Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview by Dennis Trumble discusses trying to find meaning in today’s world through science. He delves into a number of concepts such as human nature, society, and religion. He appears to fight for two concepts such as knowing science and knowing truth. 

The book spends some time exploring scientific thinking and how important it is for people to understand science in their everyday lives. If people understood science they wouldn’t be subject to half the beliefs that society and religion passes onto them. They would understand truth in a different way and would have a better grasp of the world around them. 

He is an advocate of critical thinking. To him people who think critically can see the science behind life and can weigh and balance the multiple concepts to come to a truth. Truth is seeing situations as they are without the falsities of culture, religion, and misguided beliefs. To the author, it appears that critical thinking and science wipes away layers of misunderstanding. 

Science also makes our lives better by allowing us to make better choices. If we try and understand our world around us we are much more likely to make better choices for ourselves as well as other people. Science affords us the opportunity to continually redefine our thinking to a better end. 

There is some benefit in the book in terms of understanding science. Rightly or wrongly, the author does seem to promote the culture of science which is often antagonistic to religion. He does bring forward the idea that life and meaning are subjective. However, he doesn’t see religion as part of the truth that we all experience; another way of understanding the world. 

It would seem that each is an expression of understanding. Science looks for analytical and logical conclusions while religion seems to provide us with spiritual guidance. They are part of our lives and understanding both may just give us that truth the author seems to have a part. The book is worth the read and brings up some interesting points to ponder even if you disagree with particular arguments. 

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