Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Advanced Strategy in the Fencing Sport

Fencing strategy includes thinking two to three moves in advance and trying to lead the game. Leading means that you are more in charge of the opponent’s movements due to advanced skill. This is not easy when matched with a comparable opponent who is also trying to lead the game. When both have strategic approaches it can become a game of strike and counterstrike. 

Strategy includes the sequencing of moves for maximum effect to produce a successful strike.  This may include something like a beat, a feint, change of engagement and then strike. To put this in English it would mean to strike the opponents mid section of blade to claim right-of- way, make a small movement forward to draw the opponent’s parry, swinging under the blade to change the line of the attack and then moving for the strike. 

In such a move the opponent will react in one direction but the attack is coming from the other. Such movements must be pulled off with lightning strikes because delay could mean the opponent could adjust and counter parry. This speed and surety can only come through practice and completing the sequence over and over until it is ingrained. 

The more complex moves a person learns the more they can lead the bout. These movements should not be learned until the basics of footwork and swordplay are mastered and automatic. Similar complex movements can be learned in counter attacks and defense. As one progresses in the sport they will find their complex moves create advantages.

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