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New Species of Freshwater Fish Discovered in Idaho and Montana

It is rare to find new fresh water species of fish in the United States. It is even rarer to find new species in the mountain streams of Idaho and Montana. Biologists from the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station came up with an interesting discovery when completing a genuine inventory. The species they found is now called the cedar sculpin after similar species. At first they were unaware that they have discovered something new. Through genetic coding they were able to determine that these fish were previously unlisted and not seen before.  Because of their small size of a few inches they are important fish for other larger species. In the food chain the smaller fish help maintain larger fish within the ecosystem. For example the cedar sculpin eat insects and are in turn eaten by bass. We of course like to eat the bass.  The find helps us think about how even new things can be found right under our noses. We only need to look a little closer to see what

Webinar: Faculty As Teachers & Mentors

How To Build A Student-Focused Culture & Increase Retention Type: Webinar February 12 th , 2014 Location: United States of America We will provide a set of proven strategies designed to build a student-focused culture throughout the entire institution. The strategies introduced may be implemented at your institution to guarantee quality interactions between faculty & students.   Website:

The Economic Development of Platforms in History

It can sometimes be fun to think of where society is heading. Perhaps it is more wishful thinking than concrete concept but there is often a little bit of science behind projections. If we look at the trends of data development, global warming, and global business trajectories we may find that pressures will create impetus to redevelop the declining urban cores into something more economically and ecologically sustainable. Decision-makers are seeking opportunities to raise economic activity and lower costs while reducing pollution. The next economic platform will be based in the varying pressures of the environment in which it develops. Economic platforms often mirror city planning through the design and development of a city’s infrastructure. City planning is something that has existed before the Roman Empire all the way back to Plato’s Republic. Europe is full of cities that once started off of the Roman designs and continued to develop beyond these platforms to create maze

The Business and Health Benefits of Hanging Pictures of Flowers

Flowers and nature help us to connect to our lives before the advent of modernity. It helps us think about a simpler time and nostalgic world. Not that this time was better or worse than it is today but that it was a period when life was simple. People enjoyed the aesthetic beauty of watching wildlife and artistic paint laden within flowers.  When flowers and wildlife pictures are placed within the workplace it can reduce stress and increase productivity. Stress is one of the most profound killers within the country and a few more flowers, trees, and landscape pictures are unlikely to do you any damage. We may have lost the art of appreciating nature for nature’s sake.  Some people place pictures of nature’s artistry around their workplace. Some put them within waiting rooms to reduce customer anxiety, others put them in their office to maintain focus, while still others like to give a more open view of tight space. Using pictures of nature can increase the overall image an