Monday, October 7, 2013

Call for Papers: Business & Entreprenuership Journal

Business & Entrepreneurship Journal (BEJ) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal seeking new papers in entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital, social entrepreneurship, microeconomics, regional economic activity and much more. If your work is related to the development of new businesses you may want to consider publishing.

Call for Papers

The following list is indicative, not exhaustive, of the topics within the scope of BEJ:

Entrepreneurship theories and conceptualizations
Entrepreneurship research methods
Innovation and technology entrepreneurs
Family entrepreneurship, networks, teams and alliances
Venture capital and angel investor groups
Entrepreneurial communities, hubs, clusters and public policy
Social entrepreneurship
International and emerging market entrepreneurship
Corporate entrepreneurship
Law and entrepreneurship
Microeconomic analyses of economic development
Development planning and policy
Innovation and invention: processes and incentives
Regional economic activity: growth, development, and changes
Regional development policy
Economic and social impacts of e-entrepreneurship and innovation

We encourage authors to submit their manuscripts electronically at:

for peer review.

We aim to reach a decision on all manuscripts within six weeks of submission.

We are pleased to announce that the electronic edition of a new issue (Vol. 2, issue 2, 2013) of Business & Entrepreneurship Journal is available at:

Current Papers:

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