Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Call for Papers: The Journal of International Marketing Review

The Journal of International Marketing Review is seeking submissions on the Internationalization of Service Firms.  

Service sector international investments have surpassed the investments in manufacturing of China. Despite the overall investments in the service sectors of developing nations research is still lacking. Previous research has indicated that few studies of multinational service firms have been conducted and this offers a great opportunity for researchers. 

Potential topics of interest include –but are not limited to –the following:

-International market entry for service firms
-Strategy and structure of service-sector multinationals
-Cross-border knowledge transfer in service firms
-Market selection and internationalization process for services
-Regional vs. global approaches to internationalization in the service sector
-Differences in internationalization strategies for hard and soft services
-The impact of institutional differences in the context of service-sector internationalization
-Exporting vs. other entry modes for services
-Marketing of services on a regional or global basis
-Internationalization of service-sector SMEs
-Applicability of existing internationalization frameworks for the service sector.

Deadline for submission:
15 September 2013
Submit manuscripts online at:

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