Friday, August 30, 2013

TOAST Enoteca & Cucina-Wine Bar and Italian Eatery

TOAST Enoteca & Cucina is a wine bar and eatery that offers over 400 different wines and an assortment of menu items. Both dinner and lunch menus are available. There are a number of appetizers and antipasti items that go well with the variety of different wines. If you are unsure you can ask the waitress about pairings and she seems quite knowledgeable. 

Of particular interest to wine lovers may be the Assaggio di Formagg which is an assorted cheese platter.  In general heavy tasting cheese should go with desert wines such as port. Lighter tasting cheese is more likely to pair with lighter wines like merlot. While many yellow type cheeses taste better with white wines. Each cheese has their own pairings so the advice is in general terms. 

Seating is available both inside and outside. Even though J Street has foot traffic it is light compared to other streets in the area. There is a popular dance club across the street so you may have your fine dining experience influenced by some thumping sounds until around 10:00 pm when they close the open street doors. Nothing overpowering so there should be no fear.  A conversational tone is all this is needed to rise above it.

Located on J Street within the Gaslamp District there is plenty of street activity and other things to do. If one is not seeking to bar hop or go dancing they still may enjoy walking around the neighborhood. Parking is a touch of a problem so don’t bother driving around in circles hoping for that one open spot. Simply just find a lot and turn in. 

927 J St  San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 269-4207

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