Saturday, June 1, 2013

Authentic Italian Dinning at Cicciottis Trattoria

Experience Italy without having pay for expensive plane tickets or excessive travel costs.  Cicciotti’s is San Diego North County’s most popular Italian seafood trattoria located in Cardiff by the Sea. Managed by the published cooking phenomenon chef Gaetano Cicciotti you will only get authentic Italian From natural Alfredo to wood baked pizza the old world charm still lives on. Come and enjoy the charming California air while enjoying old world sensations. It is a place where Italian culture meets American practicality.

In Italy, a trattoria is a casual style dinning place that does not have the formality of a restaurant. In Italy, the food is general local and neighborhood based. People simple come in and eat or take home their food. Cicciotti’s maintains the casual style with affordable pricing but maintains some of the trappings of a traditional trattoria. The style is still very much Italian from the waiters to the wall trappings. Like its old world cousins Cicciotti’s is a place of wine, dinning, and light live entertainment.

Lunch menus are generally under $13 and include items like Pollo Parmigiana which is a breaded chicken breast baked with marinara sauce, eggplant, and mozzarella cheese.  Another great selection is Linguine con Gamberi which includes shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce over linguine.  Lunch menus are served at an appropriate mid-day dinning quantity with the same high quality taste you may find in the evenings.

The evening menu turns into a full-scale feast. Supper is generally under $20, which is more than reasonable when considering alternative establishments.  Items include plates such as Insalata di Mare for $17.50 which is blend of spring mix topped with fresh mussel, calamari, clams, scallops, salmon and shrimp, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette dressing. If you are looking for something more pasta driven, you may want to order Linguine alle Vongole $15.5 which is fresh clams in the shell sautéed with olive oil, garlic and white wine.

Seating is plentiful with tables available both inside and outside. The inside seating is within a large converted porch with plenty of windows. The walls are artistically decorated and knickknacks line the walls. Keeping with the Italian style table clothes are used and food is rich and delicious. The outdoor patio is an excellent choice as you can enjoy the fresh air with heated warmers. As a third option you can choose the bar area with is old world design and live music.

The patrons seem to be a trend middle class crowd that like their wine, conversation, and music. They slide back a few raw oysters and head to the bar to listen to the local artists. Conversation is lively and the staff friendly. In the evenings, some patrons sit at their table for a leisurely amount of time discussing the happenings of their lives and the world at large. It is cozy and seems that some of the customers are on a regular schedule, as a few know each other.

1933 San Elijo Avenue
Cardiff by the Sea
California, 92007
Call 760.634.2335

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