Detroit Economic Club: The Outlook for Monetary Policy and Observations on the Evolving Economy

This is was a fairly interesting Detroit Economic Club speech as Federal Reserve Board Governor Lisa Cook visited to talk about lots of interesting things as they relate to our current economy. Hosting those who are in the center of national decision making on important issues provides insight for the business community.  Remembered that policy impacts the economy in different ways and businesses should consider how policy impacts them and their operations. Staying on top of the news, meetings, conferences, etc. gives one a feel for the current economic trajectories. -Labor productivity isn't growing as much as hoped. The 20-21 years productivity soared as people stayed home and businesses continued to function ( I think this has something to do with information sharing increase. Perhaps just like when the Internet started there was a rise in productivity. I'm curious why it increased. You may want to read this interesting study on how universal internet access in the U.S. has

Who is likely to be an entrepreneur? EM to EI in Business Development

A small saw mill in the area. Entrepreneurs!  That could impact local construction, furniture, and other local industries. A question? Could reaching out to regional entrepreneurship graduates be a good pool to encourage to relocate and start a business? Entrepreneurs are important for the local economy and the long term health of a nation as a whole. Knowing who is most likely to become an entrepreneur and how to attract them is worth a pound of gold to those entities that hope to spur new economic activity. Typically, starting more small business ( mixed with larger businesses ) equates to additional investment and an influx of capital. For example, in the town of Escanaba Michigan there is a need for new entrepreneurs who can help put life into and enhance the downtown in a sustainable way. If you don't know much about Escanaba it is one of those small Northern Michigan towns in the UP that has all the underutilized essentials needed for future growth. Visit Escanaba . What a st

Chevron to Pump Oil in Venezuela: Diverse Energy and Economy?

Energy is an important thing and ensuring that we have energy reduces the risk of economic pitfalls and downturns in a way that impact kitchen tables. With some recent changes in the oil market that include Saudi Arabia and Russia production restrictions the U.S. could be exploring other options.  Finding other sources of oil is important, tapping our own oil is important, and pushing green development is important. We should ensure we have adequate supply through this transition but find the point where green becomes the preferred industry choice because of its overall higher benefits ( The best way is to do that through market innovation and the natural development of the green industry. There is some industry push to green now. )    At the end of the day opening of Venezuela's oil market means we may consider seeking benefit from that market and trying to limit the influence other nations that have had a free hand in that market for too long ( i.e. Iran and Russia ). Putting our

Gladstone MI DDA Presents Old Fashion Christmas 2022

Gladstone DDA presents Old Fashion Christmas 2022. It is wonderful to see the small towns in the area come together as a community to celebrate Christmas. Gladstone and Escanaba are two small towns located on Lake Michigan in the pristine beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   If you are interested in investing in the area, want to start a business, or seek to partner with local entities you can might want to contact the DDA and/or Delta County Chamber of Commerce. If you haven't visited the area in the winter you really should think about it as a future eco tourism destination. I like to hike and snow shoe. Sometimes cross country ski. Summers are about boating and beaches. In my case diving and fishing.  Old Fashion Christmas FB City of Gladstone FB Gladstone DDA Page Delta Chamber of Commerce Information on MEDC on Creating DDAs.

What are the incentives to those who engage in hate? (Smoke and Mirrors))

I often talk about why hate and those who support hate are a serious risk to our democracy. While on the top of our nation we talk about democracy and freedom in very high end abstract terms ( I do this as well so its normal and in many ways beneficial ) most of these people have no idea what its like in our communities where hate has often become fashionable among certain clans. The lifestyles of those with resources are very different then the lifestyles of the average ( I have lived in top zip codes and bottom zip codes and there are worlds of differences. One can't really describe the other unless you have lived for some time in both .) ( Its hard to blame many politicians and officials who don't understand hate because many/most were raised with resources, in the right crowds, and with lots of support. They don't really have the same connection to what happens on a ground level with real people trying to make ends meet. You can sort of see that with our politics where

DOD Implements Zero Trust-Good Idea Updating to an Increasingly Digital Era

The world is a tricky place and lots of different cyber threats emerge, hacking groups form, money is spent, and people try and get information for gain. We are into a time when we are interconnected and have to protect sensitive data. As a department the DOD, like any other organism, must continuously update to its environment or risk being compromised. The DOD will update, our adversaries will update, and natural pressures encourage us to be adaptive or lose out on competitive advantages.  The name of the game for the future is innovation and how that allows us to be central to the Digital Era. Our data will need to be further insulated so as to ensure that our adversaries are not using espionage and other malicious methods to obtain information they didn't put the resources in to discovery for themselves.  I didn't read through everything but here are some resources if this topic is of interest to you. Its important to sort of understand changes from an IT perspective. Gover

Nov 17th 2022 Escanaba City Council Meeting: Supersize My Grant Please!

Another exciting meeting of a small American town on the move, adjusting, and improving its opportunities with each step forward. Escanaba is becoming increasingly open to investment and development in a way that could impact its trajectory going forward ( Post Covid changes things. ). That is good news for those who want to reinvest in America's small towns that improves not only those towns but perhaps many others just like it ( Building a model of economic cluster development through innovation and investment that better aligns towns to global markets .) ( Am I making a stretch here? 🤔👺 I'm making a small stretch. You can see people starting to work together to encourage more local development through zoning changes and moving projects forward. For those of you who don't know "cutting the red tape" refers not only to regulations but also getting through the many delays of bureaucracy. Better strategies forward often create better cutting of tape to achieve t