As a Nation We Will Someday Need to Decide if We Will Support or Not Support Hate Groups

This represents organizations but  it is similar with nations. Each nation should have core values and extremism in hate and politics shouldn't be one of them. See Company Culture . Notice top 10 and how profession and culture might be different. I've seen it! The distorted personality and self interested for gain make up stories to a group of people who have a difficult time thinking for themselves accept and act on those behaviors without pausing to ponder. That group jumps on the band wagon of hate and little is done to hold the perpetrators accountable. We then flip the page to our national politics and find similar strains occurring in different places and times and should scratch our heads. Without challenge hate will be embedded into our culture. 💁 When is enough actually enough? Under our current system enough seems to occur when the behaviors are so grotesque they put lots of people at risk (Puts the "right" people at risk. Often the risks of the "wrong

Good and Effective Coaching in Sports

Sports is an opportunity to socialize people and help them understand themselves within a team. Under the right mix sports are a benefit to young minds that want to explore their physical abilities and their abilities to work with others. Good sportsmanship is part of the process and a good coach will help young people gain a sense of self for mastery over their environment while developing helpful traits (I have seen some coaches do the opposite.)  Values and Coaching (Good Coaching): You may want to read an article by Dr. Alen Goldberg on being a good or a bad coach. Good Coach vs. Bad Coach . The article highlights how coaches should walk the talk. One doesn't want to display poor behaviors or encourage poor behaviors in players. Good coaches encourage certain values within their teams that create a type of team cohesion.  Skill Development (Effective Coaching): Likewise a study at Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, UK) found that polo coaches improved people's skills.

Why do we often accept the unacceptable in terms of values and behaviors? (Gifted and Herds)

 There are times in our lives where we must make choices. We either follow the herd or we move on in our own directions. It is hard to judge these things from the outside because people are often unfamiliar with all of the dynamics involved. What we can say is that the vast majority of people will follow their social networks and they are biologically, socially and psychologically conditioned to not question their environment.  Herding Mentality We see this in politics and we see this in our personal lives.  You can read about Herding Mentality . While a certain amount of following is normal there are some things that cannot be followed and doing so creates a moral hazard. The breaking of certain values and principles breaks down the moral fabric of society. That difference in when to follow and when not to follow may be difficult for the average person to "see". For example, gifted people with higher levels of intelligence, ethical development and inner emotional lives often

Why the US Innovation & Competitive Act (Or some form of it) is Necessary to Spark Change?

The United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 is an attempt to push the U.S. to compete in areas that are likely to be part of the next major economic revolution ( See Digital Era ). It will address issues such as 5G, AI, quantum computing, semiconductors, bio-engineering and so much more. You can gain some analysis and understanding in a few articles I picked for you. Senate Passes China Competition Bill , China Competition Bill , McConnel Warning , What's in Competes Bill This is what I have to say about it. I think ponder what our next place is from an economic competitive standpoint is very important. We have dragged our feet and wasted so much time arguing about useless things in our party politics (I like Biden because he is doing his best to make an impact and I like McConnell because he might be rough around he edges but he seems to care about our long term national health. You can sort of watch how they navigate some of the dicey issues.). Now we have to put

U.S. GDP Declines 1.6% in Q1-2022: What Gives?

 The economy took a little dip. Its not expected to be long based on some of the projections by investment firms. We seem to have run into some issues of contraction (See below). I'm not sure what the big problems are nor what all of the solutions might be. What I can say is that I think we need to do more to attract investors in our communities. Foreign and domestic investment can make a difference. If we want to be on top of the world market we have to make our spot on the global supply chain the most lucrative. We also need to be an export oriented and innovative nation.  Reuters has a pretty good synopsis of how we are doing economically in the Q1-2022  US Economy Contracts Q12022 Things like less disposable income, lower exports ( I hate this!!!! I just don't know why we struggle with bring back investment and exporting more. 😤 ), lower consumer sales, lower profits and a total of 9 out of 22 industries contract ( Its not to be long term but its a crystal ball issue .). H

January 6th Riot Updates July 28, 2022

This are getting interesting to say the least. I'm kind of busy today so I'm not going to say much. It looks like momentum has shifted. In any situation like this it is important to understand. To prosecute or not prosecute is still an open question with pit falls either way. The biggest issue is what happened and how can we avoid it again? I still kind of think there is a pot stirrer in there somewhere. Depending on how much someone digs they may find a patterned system with the hats, members, coordination, etc... Its not enough to say it may be that way, one must actually connect and create valid the dots. That requires researchers, interviews, and panels. Not an easy task to decipher mistake form intention. Before you get all excited about what I believe. I just am watching to understand. I think there is possibility for more issues in the depth but that doesn't mean it is. I always focus on the maintaining our institutions (a older conservative idea that may have been f

Why I Believe Our Nation Should Strengthen its Values and Create Better Opportunities

The world is not an easy place. Some are born with golden opportunities and others are locked out of those opportunities. Democracy provides people a chance at self governance and capitalism provides people an opportunity to rise on their own merit. Yet there is a divide in society and that will likely be the next big challenged after our current bout of extremism  (National success is a series of doors and challenges. Just like in personal development, societal development requires us to collectively master each challenge.) To overcome the next challenge means we must strengthen certain values that are an essential part of the deal. We must act with integrity at all times and places. The higher one's station and position in life the more they should hold strong values. Those values should tell us that we need a unified society focused on the same positive outcomes for everyone (based on merit and not class).  The connected class should be well aware that the essential purpose of t