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A Few Words on Hate and Good Old Boy Networks

Plato and his conception of the Republic and Theory of Forms A lesson from the School of Athens Our democracy functions best when we have everyone in the national development game. The old paradigms of one's superiority based on genetic background has been debunked ( There are differences in families but not these are not race specific .). We are moving toward a new world where the distorted values of the past no longer function well in a modern democracy. While Good Old Boy networks will likely continue forward in many ways, to the detriment of society if overly exclusive, we as a society are learning based out of necessity to be open to the diversity of life and "being". We know we need those differences to be adaptive to our environmental challenges ( physically, economically, philosophically, morally ). Hate is a detractor to society and our nation as it robs us of our ability to move forward at full pace and full health. Because hate is often related to mental health
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Job Market Does a 360 in Expectations: Charting a New Course to National Economic Prosperity

There are some signs of life in our economy and people are unsure of what that means. In a somewhat rare instance the economy added many more jobs than initially expected at a time when inflation is high. Most of the analysts are a little confused on why this happened when there are mixed signs the economy may be slowing. We would need to look at a bunch of different numbers to more specifically point out the causes. I'm interested in what the analysts think. ( I have a few ideas as they relate to assumptions of the economy being challenged.  Broad growth is a good sign of broader economic pick up. What would be a fantastic situation is if the unemployment rate stays the same, productivity goes up, and inflation comes down. A type of growth of U.S. production capacity both physical and digital. If a new homeostasis comes about due to a national adaptation we would be on slightly higher but significant economic platform. It would have to be sustained for a long period of time based

Delta County MI Board of Commissioners Meeting: Openness and Transparency Sets the Development Stage (1-17-2023)

“ Diogenes looking for an Honest Man ” by Caesar van Everdingen 1860 The Commissioners meeting is on YouTube!!!! 🕺💃🥳 Ok...its a little exciting. I mean I like to watch and play sports too but this is the real stuff! Decisions count and often impact our long term prospects. The way in which we make decisions determines whether or not long term success can occur. While not every decision everyone is going to agree with, and don't expect all decisions to be called the way we want it, what we can do is encourage decision making that leads to a more prosperous community. The goal is to encourage strategic focus and thoughtful mindfulness of one's choices that lead to incremental development of a pro-growth business and quality of life environment ( Business and quality of life enhance each other in well designed clusters. ). You can get the agenda at DC Commissioner Meeting 01-17-2022  ( No info in it . 🤷 Videos up !🎉).  Ok...nothing too exciting. They talked about ethics ( Kin

Federal Open Market Committee FOMC News Conference (02/01/2023)

We are still fighting with inflation and the de-inflation process has continued.  Sounds very mixed signal to me. I think they are not sure what is going to happen and are sort of working from the middle of the road, lukewarm perspective. Just a touch of optimism. Personally, I think the data is mixed and could go either way.  I see housing as a potential drag but how much is still an open question.  Just as a learning opportunity "The Federal Reserve controls the three tools of monetary policy-- open market operations , the discount rate , and reserve requirements " FOMC is responsible for open market operations. You can learn more about the FOMC  HERE. Bullet points are below...... -FOMC raised our policy interest rate by 25 basis points. -Committed to bringing inflation back down to our 2 percent goal. -Continuing the process of significantly reducing the size of our balance sheet. -The U.S. economy slowed significantly last year. Federal Reserve News Conference Transcript

Escanaba City Council Regular Meeting January 19, 23' (A Future Sustainable Economy?)

The Great Fish Market 1603 Jan Brueghel the Elder    This was a fairly interesting meeting that ranged from city attorneys (legal) all the way over to gardens (aesthetics). Even a new city manager! ( It will be important for the city manager and legal experts to work together on many projects going forward .) In this particular case, there was a presentation on the financial condition of the city. So far it looks descent. A few increased expenses but functioning. As the city brings in more revenue from development, taxes, etc... based on local and FDI investments ( Billerud and others ) it has an opportunity to increase the health and pool of that budget. As an interesting perspective, can we take a rural small town like Escanaba and show that it can be healthy as new development revenue enters into their coffers? ( It will still take some time to figure out and much of that has to do with the development and internal decision making . Yet this is a chance to revitalize an American sma

$2.2 Billion US Package Readied for Ukraine

Ukrainians are getting some new equipment and aid. You can find more information on Reform and Aid CNBC and  Ukrinform  ( Apparently its a Ukrainian multimedia broadcasting site. ) Kind of cool video on the Stryker Combat Vehicle that is part of the package. 

IMF Raises Economic Projections for 2023 (Thumb in Wind Style!)

The IMF Raises Economic Projections for 2023. That is generally good news for economies because they feel that certain issues are going to get better and there may be a new post Covid homeostasis realized ( There are plenty of market issues that can disrupt that but a general homeostasis of market "normalcy ".) From my understanding, most of the projections last year and the year before were pretty negative so this would be interesting if actual metric performance beats the market projection . 👍 Source: Academic-Capital Thumb in Wind Transaction Model I think the digital economy has grown substantially since COVID and I also think that 2023 will be an interesting year with potential growth periods for GDP and Digital GDP ( Assuming we have the right growth policies and we settle our political differences ). See  Short Lived Shock 2020  and  Not Out of Woods , You can gain some information from there  Digital Transformation . ( We don't have enough information on the D