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The Data Supply Lines Start to Shift Between China and U.S. Leaning Nations (War Under Waves)

Businesses should be aware of the different types of changes occurring in the market through what is normally called a Market Analysis that includes internal and external factors that lead to competitiveness. ( You may want to watch this video on how market analysis works in business. 'Strategic Management' ) Within this source shift you are going to have internal resources and external resources being expended and built.  Internal resources our our capacities as a nation and group of nations (i.e. infrastructure/energy, innovation, human capital ) The external resources will be the availability of fast data supply lines ( i.e. just like old oil lines, highways, railways, airports, etc. ). Countries, and flock nations, are likely to start coordinating their needs to ensure they are well supplied and maintained.  Outside of business considerations, I'm going to say I think the Reuter authors did a fabulous job on this article. Outstanding work! The amount of research that w
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What Does it Mean to Be an American? The need for system integrity!

America Guided by Wisdom 1815 John J. Barralett There is some misconception among some of our politicians and administrators on what it means to be an American and the need for integrity throughout our systems. We the People hope that the systems can push to higher states of integrity and become representative of the needs of ALL of society. We are moving in the right direction but there are still enough poor values and subjective application of the Constitution that it becomes worrying for the 60% of society that care about their communities and people that live within them. Yet we have difficulty convincing some of our leadership that two different rules and applications of law and opportunities is harmful to our people and nation. Sometimes they hear the message but mostly they are reactive managers versus proactive change agents leaning toward higher American values. That of course doesn't apply to everyone but I would say its 50/50 out there ( We do watch and do understand the

Escanaba City Council Meeting (03-16-23): Land, Pickleball, Pancakes, Sewers and Emotional Intelligence!!

Allegory of Good Government Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, 1338-40 This is an interesting meeting because it delves into governance and accomplishing things in the best interest of residents. There are people interested in this town and they are watching these videos and want to know the area can manage its affairs and make decisions in the best interest of its people. In some ways, we are teaching a much wider stakeholder about how government functions and whether or not it functions appropriately.  Some of that discussion is about whether government, community, investors and stakeholders can work together to turn a town that was once struggling, but with so much untapped potential, back into a sustainable example that might be utilized in other places. When people work together they can really change the landscape and create multiple win-win situations.  What we have noticed over the past few years is a transition. We had some change in leadership, a few problems sort of cleared out ( i.e.

Values: The Elusive Goal

Tempest 1508  artist Giorgione Behind every great story is another story. Life is a meaningful story of becoming, changing, growing, learning, adjusting and mastering. Those who do interesting things are not driven by money and prestige. The challenge may be important and the ability to overcome is important. Whether this situation turns out as it should, as I suspect it will, it also leaves a little sting.  Such things happen because of values. At the end of the day, no matter where things are going forward, it was the values that drive people. Patriotism isn't only about flags and BBQ. There is something deeper in it all. It is about certain principles and values that lead to a shared sense of community and purpose. It is universal in its orientation. I will not go into who has values and who is the first to dump them when they can self-enrich or get something ( I got good at figuring out people and fairly accurate in my predictions of their depth of values. ). The words people u

Attaining Your Goals Through Challenge: Smile, Side Step, and Keep Going

Life is not always easy or fair. Some are dealt the worst of all possible hands. Some have their good cards taken and replaced with bad cards. I will tell you that there are many ways to grow and develop. You can't adapt unless you are challenged. When the chips are down remember this....If you want to do something, you want it bad enough and are willing to make changes, you will accomplish it! If you don't know what you want, then stay in school (Higher Ed or Trade School) and get an education until you figure it out. It certainly won't hurt you. What you will find is that you will change through knowledge and there may be some that will not grow with you. Let them go. It is, what it is!  This country needs all different types of people and we must develop our talent. Let no person, clan or group hold you back from your destiny. Smile, side step, and let them trip over themselves.  Taking the path less traveled is what differentiates you from the herd. ( I still think of c

NATO is Protecting its Borders: What the U.S. Can Do?

China made a decision that it has more to gain from being Russia's supplier and friend then it doesn't from working within the international community. They also feel that by backing Russia they can carve out their supporters and markets. As the war rages between Ukraine and Russia, China finds itself in a position to sell more and foster differences in world alliance. However, they are finding that there is a longer-tail reaction to their decisions that will reverberate for some time.  First, remember that Russia moved into Ukraine. While I understand some of the justification presented, they also did not calculate that Ukraine would fight back and that people would help in that defense. It would be a completely different reason if Ukraine attacked Russia. In a reverse situation I do not believe the world would support that either ( This appears to be a justified defense by the Ukrainians. Unless someone presents something different I would support them. Living by our principl

Why Patriotism Is Deeper than the Words and the Symbolism Alone!

 As nation we have an opportunity to grow and change based on environmental pressures and internal resources ( Keep that in mind for later discussion. We can talk about how resources of different types and background lead to a developing nation. Soft and hard power. ). New reports have come out from the DOJ that indicate maybe not everyone is doing the right thing all the time ( They are stuck in a narrative and shallow symbolism .). The assumptions of "rightness" are now being replaced with a more balanced perspective of right and wrong. One system is dependent on the good will of the other. It is true whether they see that or not. Its important to continue to develop our systems to meet the needs of the people. People might look at some of the protests and arguments as a terrible thing. I do not. I think it is a chance to change. It is a chance to really live by those values we profess. It is a time for all parties to be self-reflective. There is no good that can come from