Rising Distrust of Other Party: Do We Need More Centralists/Rationalists?

 If you have been watching politics for a while you will start to realize that we have two highly opposed sides within the system. There are seen as two opposed ways/habit/logic of thinking. Some of the hyper politics seems to be fostered by those members of either party that have something to gain through the conflict ( They are actually similar but you can't see that on the surface. There is a blended path I think. ). The very nature of politics i.e. Will to Power as coined by Friedrich Nietzsche , often entails some level of conflict but it doesn't have to ( There are other avenues for our leaders to find power. I would think of problem solving as a useful political tool .)  Most of the problems could be resolved with the right leadership, party members, and stakeholder sitting in the same room and having a heartfelt conversation. Throw radicals in a functioning group and your going to mess it all up because they have difficulty compromising ( ..and in turn not really part

Albuquerque Muslim Killings: Likely Not Hate Crime but Possible Mental Health and Violence

Interesting turn of events in the case of The Albuquerque killing of 4 Muslim. At the current time it does not appear the killings were hate related but stemming from other events ( Still undefined ). We never really know something until there is an investigation and we understand events from a more hindsight and factual basis. That is why it is often best before making definitive conclusions and statements ( Possibilities and probabilities are more accurate. ) Apparently, there were three other prior domestic violence charges brought against the alleged perpetrator and subsequently dismissed. Likewise, some movement of rifles and weaponry ( Was this related to easy access? We probably have people who study these issues. ). No indication yet of mental health issues ( Looking at each case leads to greater understanding of why and how certain behaviors unfold. I have seen the destructiveness of hate sparked by mental health. We need better systems of managing it and holding to account po

Death Threats Against Public Officials (DOJ)? The implications

Recently we have had death threats against public officials of all types that include politicians, judges, law enforcement and others ( Notice intentional fear creation and risk of violence. Its important for categorization reasons ). That anger is directed against the FBI among groups of what appears to be far right extremism. See FBI agents, Garland and Wray see increased death threats after Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: sources . What happens next is going to be interesting and the way in which we step will be an important one. The threats indicate increased online chatter and with a background of paramilitary sacking of our Capital we should probably start taking domestic extremism/terrorism seriously. ( Notice how domestic threats follow similar patterns. One could analyze that chatter and the people involved to ensure they are actual people/profiles and what other associations they may have with each other and other outside entities. None of this is new. Contingency planning for various

The Chip and Science Act of 2022: Its not the details but the general legislation that is necessary.

The Chips and Science Act of 2022  $52 billion to bolster the semiconductor industry and general $280 billion to compete against China. Here is some Information from the Commerce, Science and Transportation Senate Committee HERE . They are a little long and I sort of briefed them in review. You will want to read through yourself to understand the bill. It is important to be a knowledgeable citizen ( Who says democracy doesn't required informed choices. This is one reason why we support Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech. ) Its not the specifics of the legislation that is my main issue but the need for such types of legislation to push our innovative industries forward. That is if we want to be at the center of the Digital Era (... and likely the next platform of economic development ) and advanced manufacturing we need to make our nation is the center of innovation and new products.  In other words, if we want to lead markets we need to be the best ROI return place on the plan

Murder of 4 Muslim Men in Albuquerque, New Mexico Violates Our Values

In this country we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. You can worship any way you want as long as you are not hurting or harming people (Think of the bigger issue as it relates to our core values.). The religion doesn't matter ( Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc. etc. ) what does matter is certain rules that apply across society. The murder of 4 Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico violates those values. The investigation may find one person or a small group of people engaged in the crimes. I have also experienced a level of radicalism and hate ( The Muslim sounding name just throws everything into haywire. Meaning we have inappropriate anchoring when we hear certain terms and words. That also means there may be people with inappropriate anchors and metal health aggression out there trying to hurt people. Whether its a single individual and/or a group of extremists I believe there are very similar mechanics behind both ).   Its not fair and its no place for others

Where Does the Manafort and Russia Trail Lead? (Maybe Somewhere, Maybe No Where)

Where does the bread crumb trail lead and does it circle back into a January 6th, 2022 riot? The potential mass uploading of data, coordinated para military extremist activities, Russian election interference, a few public comments that make your head scratch, pre knowledge of events, color coordination during the capital sacking, a few geopolitical issues and a couple more things? None of that means anything until there is a fairly clear line drawn between these different activities ( Its far out there and maybe none of it ends up being true. Its just a remote remote possibility. ).  We don't know....lets let the concept of ruling for the people by the people make its way through our American system to reclaim ground in revitalizing our democratic principles ( Constitution ). This is a necessary investigation to ferret out any misunderstandings in terms of risks both foreign and domestic to our democracy in alignment with national oaths ( Yaaa I know sometimes oaths are inconveni

China and Taiwan: Escalation and Display

China's escalatory behavior in response to a recent visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicates a level of seriousness as it relates to the island of Taiwan and as a display of China's growing military strength. The strategy of isolation is a simulation but definitely a sign they would isolate the island under certain circumstances. There were multiple purposes that include signaling intent, displaying capabilities, and a direct challenge over their "sphere of influence". We are at a place where as a nation we should become increasingly strategic about our choices and options. Thus behaviors should be deliberate and well thought out. Our time to start moving down the line of national development is needed. While we still hold some strategic advantages economically and militarily they are not in a comfortable margin. Doing nothing is no longer an option ( We had this complacency problem for 20+ years and move our knowledge overseas, didn't maximize our human capi