What to do with Highly Manipulative People? (Resolutions to Hate 05/20/22)

Highly manipulative people are hard to deal with in society. Sometimes they cause very big problems from their dishonesty. History is full of how manipulative behaviors have caused conflict, war, death and violence. In this case, the goal was to harm the target(s) as much as possible by spreading rumors, lying, encouraging violence, putting in false police complaints, embezzlement, ostracization, and encouraging a larger group of people to focus on damaging that individual to hide those behaviors.  While the reasons and questioning of why is one issue it is the ability to effectively use those tools is another ( i.e. indicating a functioning bully network ). Lack of personal and legal accountability means that such behaviors appear to have been learned over the years and in many ways rewarded through legal failures ( Indicating the possibility for a bigger problem in the local justice system. Without an in-depth investigation we can only say "indication" ). Thus we can expect

10 People Shot In Chicago: We Need More Police and We Need Positive Reform (Hand in Hand)

There is an increase in mass shootings and it seems to be a growing trend. People feel that that having a gun allows them to use those guns against others they are in an argument with or those who they see as different. What you are noticing is more group coordinated shootings and increased targeting ( not necessarily in this case ). At the same time we know there is a need for some level of positive police reform and an increase in recruiting new officers ( Many departments are loosing police and having a hard time finding new ones .). We do not want anyone becoming a type of street militia ( gangs, criminals, groups and/or rogue officer clans ) so we will need reform and enhancement. We should look at the different pressures to find possible solutions ( Internal and External ). Some on the right political persuasion will say that policing is perfect and no changes should ever happen. Some on the left political persuasion are saying that we should ban police altogether. I continue to

Fishing in Escanaba: I'm Starting to Like Electric Motors but.....

Tracked down to the docks with my fishing pole the other day. I didn't catch the pike and did take the picture in Wells the night prior but its a beauty so I posted it. Anyway, the Escanaba area has lots of great fishing places you can cast a line form the shore such as Escanaba Harbor, Gladstone Harbor, Wells boat launch, Rapid River boat launch and Ford River boat launch.  I just happen to be lucky enough to buy a $500 used boat, trailer and old Johnson motor. The guy swears the engine works! I believe him except I had to buy a new gas tank because he wanted his old one. Because of the age I just can't get it to fit right to draw the fuel so the engine is going on the horse in the garage to ensure the connectors are tight. ( You can run an outboard in a large bucket or barrel .) I can fix lots of things but it take me time to figure them out. In this case, I might need to zip tie or wire in the connector because of the way the old motor is designed it doesn't quit fit per

UAP Congressional Meeting (05/17/2022) Data Buckets and Triangulation

Same process that is used to study COVID can be used to discuss UAP. HERE . That means one can create buckets for all of the major possible outcomes and then create an unknown bucket for things we don't yet conceive. As each piece of data is discovered it is placed in the buckets in which it applies. More data leads to some buckets having more data than others. Once you went through all of the data you can start thinking about creating an understanding of how the data within a bucket fit together. Those buckets that have the most data and have the most parsimonious theoretical explanations would be your leading theory. Likewise looking for other sources of data (i.e. different observations and sensors) can lead to creating validity (i.e. pilot eye sight/observation, different countries, different camera, multiple sensors, multiple incidents, similarities in ship design/characteristics, sensor manufacturing, etc.). You can read more about Triangulation HERE . 

The Great Replacement Theory and Extremism: There is more to this!

Everyone is talking about the Great Replacement Theory and all the experts are coming out to give their opinions. They all have a piece of how it impacts extremism in this country but might be missing a few things. This theory is only part of the general problem, issue and resolution. We knew this problem was brewing for some time and until we almost took down our nation and capital as we dragged our feet on bipartisan solutions ( Its a collective problem ).  It is rooted in some people's belief in the symbolism of culture and political power and what our country should look like. I'm a light right Republican and believe that the Constitution is our overriding social contract and that applies to all peoples ( That is not a debate on our immigration polices, the numbers, etc.. .) but it is a debate on how perceived changes in national demographics are being used to heighten fear ( Why I have been advocating for GOP to be more inclusive of differences. They are great people and I

Escanaba Marina Has Open Slips: Filling Up Fast! (Marinas and Investment)

Today I just paid for my fishing boat broadside slip. There are still a few spots left. Escanaba is an underdeveloped place that certainly has opportunities for investment downtown, hotel, industry and perhaps a hotel run marina. That also includes development of ship building capacity and other important things. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box . ⌧ Other readings.... Why Companies and Investors Should Hedge American Start-Ups and Small Business for Long Term Growth (Delta County Hedge-Equity Fund Conception) Cancun or Escanaba? Would a shuttle between marina, downtown, hotels and mall help? Escanaba Hotel and Jail Site Development Meeting: Waterfront, Hotel, Housing and Nautical Considerations Important Excellent facilities with visitor docks. Come visit and invest. We need you! 

USS Minneapolis St Paul Leaves Escanaba May 13, 2022

That is cool. We build/fix boats now which is awesome. Go Navy!!! You can read more about the Freedom Class Ship